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Our favorite 96ace Sg casino game providers are releasing new titles that are as attractive as each other, and while we extol their merits and share them by giving our opinions publicly and online, we are fighting against the online casino we are losing.

There is one thing most of us ignore: publishers/providers are just as involved as the online casino that offers their singapore sport betting games.

It turns out that they are the ones who have control over the random number generator – according to the R andom N umber G enerator – which is the tool supposed to calculate our fairest chances of winning.

The supplier and his online casino, devil’s partners?

If we wrongly accuse the casino, we are making losses, then how is it that we feel like we are losing nothing once we get paid for our winnings?

Not everyone is a bad loser. However, the most experienced among us have realized that:

Our history of play, deposit, winnings – in short, our operations are recorded and can be used as much for the software as for the casino working hand in hand.

When we win, we are in a period of luck, period. Changing software or slot machine will not make us lose. This also proves that the RNG records our gaming sessions and compares the luckiest with our losing sessions.

We are not familiar with the RNG Random Number Tool – for example, most of us wonder if it changes for each slot machine or if it only changes per game session.

The famous RNG does not play such an important and transparent role that we are led to believe. Whether assigned by the software or by the casino, it must take into account the gains and losses made by the casino. Thus, it seems that our chances of winning or losing are predefined.

Also, we have a strong impression that the RNG too often uses a very small deposit multiplier to determine the maximum gold winnings, if we do not make large deposits, would we, therefore, be disadvantaged?

There is something to wonder who is bluffing whom.

And while waiting to find out, why don’t we also practice bluffing the software of online casinos and providers?

First, understand our real chances of making money

To really assess our chances of winning at an online casino, we must also compare the number and amount of bets placed and winnings made on a single slot.

To add more, the playing time is also to be taken into account. Indeed, if it has been proven that winning at the casino is never possible in the long term, we have to assess our chances of winning in a particular game and for a relatively short period.

We tested the slot machines and published an article on the most profitable slot machine casinos. It is no coincidence that we made a choice to test this precise casino game – because luck at table games, such as blackjack, for example, does not depend on volatility or the rate of redistribution.