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In online casinos, just like in hard casinos for that matter, mafia slot ทั้งหมด machines are king, and the proliferation of gaming software allows us to offer a complete range today: traditional machines, video, 5 lines, 30 lines, multiline in short, there is something for everyone.

But how do you choose mafia slot machines in an online casino? Should we be guided by progressive jackpots, themes, atmospheres, special functions, redistribution rates, or even maximum earnings?

This article will not explain to you how to win at winbet2u slot machines every time since, unfortunately, there is no magic formula. However, we will help you choose the slot machines that best suit your player profile. Here are some tips!

Vary your choice of slot machines!

Such gaming habits are not only counterproductive because you will only go after a few slot machines, but also, in the event of bad series, you will leave substantial sums of it without really taking pleasure.

Use the filters or game selectors offered by online casinos.

These tools allow you to choose the slot machines according to criteria that you will choose yourself: bonus, special functions, free games, number of lines, progressive jackpots, minimum/maximum stakes, themes, most popular games, etc.

So do not hesitate to use the filter trick, you will save time and lose more on slot machines that absolutely do not meet your expectations.

Before choosing a slot machine, first, play in demo mode!

In order to find slot machines that you might like, do not hesitate to try them for free! It’s an obvious tip!

The trick is that you will not lose money since it is free to play these slot machines! You will be able to take the temperature of the slot, take advantage of its universe or simply see if the frequency and the extent of the gains justify a “life-size” test, namely in real mode.

Another tip: consult the rules and tables of winnings of slot machines!

Again, the simplest advice is often the best. So, before you headfirst into a slot machine, read the rules carefully, and consult the pay tables!

Generally, it is risky to get into a slot without knowing the terms; you may be disappointed with the level of winnings, the lack of special features, or free spins.

So each time you open a new slot machine, check out its “help,” “rules,” or “paytables” section to find out how its scatters (adjacent, scattered), its bonuses, and its pay lines work!

Look for the best slot machines!

Online casinos have made a habit of putting a handful of slot machines prominently on their websites.

These slot machines are not there by chance: they are fun, well designed, and can appeal to the greatest number. The icing on the cake: they can make a “big” jackpot.

Now it’s up to you to think outside the box and try your luck on less popular machines or with more reasonable maximum earnings.

Even if they don’t offer the most spectacular jackpots on the market, the winnings may be more regular. And if you don’t like it, just go on to the next one, it’s as simple as a tip!